Our Work

Our Work

SOHO works to improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children of child-headed households in communities devastated by HIV/AIDS, through programs that work to heal, educate, feed, parent, and nurture.


SOHO coordinates organized group trips with volunteers who address basic health needs.  Individuals involved with the service are volunteer health professionals, and university students of medical and health related studies.


SOHO runs a preschool at The Welcome Place in Mhlosheni and The Welcome Place in Nhlambeni, and provides education support for children through Child Sponsorship. The sponsorship of individual children and families provide the means necessary to pay for school fees and uniforms.

Education is unavailable for many children, look through our photos of the preschool at The Welcome Place. Click the link for more information on Child Sponsorship.


Food is provided to orphans and vulnerable children at The Welcome Place in Mhlosheni, and  in Nhlambeni. “Food Parcels” are distributed to homesteads with children in need.  Food-related services include the development of Community Garden Projects. At SOHO’s Welcome Places, gardening education offers hands on experience for orphans and vulnerable children to plant and harvest from their own small garden plots.

Food is a necessity, and many children are susceptible to hunger and malnutrition. Read a story about feeding.


SOHO Granny Nannies is a new service provided through Child Sponsorship.  A Gogo is paid for through sponsorship to act as a surrogate parent in the homestead of a child-headed household at risk of abuse.

Learn more about Granny Nanny’s and Child Sponsorship


Through facilities like The Welcome Places in Mhlosheni and in Nhlambeni, SOHO is able to teach life skills to orphans and vulnerable children in a safe environment. Read a story about nurturing.